How I discovered How to Find
Real Love?

How I Changed my life in 4½ minutes per day

In the winter of 1998, an unknown singer sang an unknown song that he had written 10 years before. That catchy song changed my entire life. As I put into practice the principles you'll learn about in my system, the results were astonishing - and they began almost instantly and continue to this day with a long-term committed relationship with my true love.

Here's the scoop. First, I had to wait several years before I shared this system, because I needed to prove to myself that the results were long-lasting. Believe me they are.

If I can … you can … 

Way back in the late 90's, I was single, owned two thriving businesses, had a house overlooking Puget Sound, an active social life, and I was happy. So, what's the problem? I wanted a life partner … emphasis on life partner.

I just couldn't figure it out. I didn't know how to find real love. I was clueless about how to meet my soul mate. I wasn't even sure they existed. I considered myself a nice person (others did too). I was not a size 2 beauty queen, but I was attractive and well dressed.

So, what was the problem? I saw others in relationships and wondered "What do they have that I don't, I'm nicer than them." How did they find find real love? I was bummed. My friends and I struggled with the questions "Why not me?" "What's wrong with me?" The worst part for me emotionally was that I just didn't understand. Hence, I really didn't know what to do.

I tried different things like going to bars, parties, and social outings. Bars weren't where I expected to meet my soul mate, but I thought it was a numbers game. I even went back to church after 25 years. I will admit I was never brave enough to sign up for an internet dating service.

I just couldn't live in that "What's wrong with me" state of mind any longer, so I resolved to know that I was enough just as I was - single. It worked pretty well, but not totally.

Three years later, I heard a song that changed my life forever. I immediately purchased the CD and played it on the way home. There was something about it that compelled me to re-listen again and again until … finally … I got... the secret on how to find real love dawned on me!

I finally figured out how to find true love!

Well, I finally understood why I wasn't in a lasting, loving relationship. And I am so excited to share my discovery with you so you can get "IT" too.

Once I got it, I couldn't stop listening until I had my perfect partner! It only took three months - after 30 years of searching. Pretty quick results, I'd say.

My life began to unfold in ways I couldn't explain. I kept listening and listening and embodying the feelings that I wanted in a relationship … and my life changed.

Things just started happening - happy things that led to connections with people  … that led to more connections … that led to happiness coming into my life from all directions - expected and unexpected.

And even though not having true love is difficult, I kept listening and my life began to really "fall into place," my friends were more fun, my family was more fun … my normal life filled with new and exciting offers. And, I saw old offers in a new light. Imagine that!

The brightest skies you've ever seen were in Seattle the day I met my soul mate!

Okay, here are the details. I had been invited to go kayaking several times before my discovery, but I never went. Three months after I discovered what turned out to be the one secret I needed on how to find real love, I received yet another invitation. This time I went. And, by the way, I didn't go to meet my soul mate. I just went because I felt good and it sounded fun.

Four people showed up - it was on a Friday afternoon. I only knew the organizer who was in a kayak with someone else. I had a great time paddling through the arboretum and the house boats with a perfect stranger. It was early May.

Now, what is the likelihood of a 70 degree, sunny blue sky day on a Friday in early May in Seattle - NOT! It was a beautiful day, a very special day for me. It was the day I met my TRUE LOVE, my soul mate, or whatever you want to call 'em. We just "ended up" in the same kayak that day. We had a fabulous courtship and are in a loving, committed relationship to this very day.

The Secret on How to Find Real Love is...

Until I heard this song, I knew I was looking for something but no one had ever told me exactly what. Nothing I had ever read or heard before had revealed to me so clearly what true love was like - from inside me. This catchy tune gave a voice to what I craved deep down inside. I use this catchy song written and sung by a voice of God named Kevin Benedict in my system for how to find true love.

What I did was put universal principles in action as I listened with an open mind, an open heart … and … accepted the possibility … and … imagined the feelings of rainbows, of star shine, of puppies, of kisses in the rain … and expect to find true love.

It took me awhile but the "lights" finally turn on for you.

What I came to understand was exactly how you attract and then how you really know when you meet your soul mate.

What your mother never taught you … and TV did

Mom (or Dad) never taught me how to find somebody who's really a prefect partner for me. No one taught them about real love.

TV and the movies teach us that it is all about being swept off our feet and physical attraction. Our society's track record for long-term relationships is pretty bleak.

Even the divorce rate in countries where divorce is taboo is on the rise. We are just not choosing well. It is such a huge life changing decision, and we don't have a rule-book.

Jill, Suzy and Meg were skeptics - NOT anymore

Okay, just listening may sound hokey. But instead of questioning, do like I did - trust the process. If you find yourself resisting, as I did, suspend your judgments for awhile and as you listen open your mind … accept the possibility … imagine your feelings … expect success … and you will find TRUE LOVE.

YES, it is worth it!

By the time I'd listened to this song for two weeks, I strongly considered quitting. But, I trusted and kept on listening. And, years later it is more worth it than ever. My relationship is wonderfully satisfying, warm and precious to me. And, times haven't been easy. We lost three parents in recent years and learned that we are better life partners than business partners. And, we keep discovering that we are more committed than ever to each other.

Giving back … 

I admire the Gillette razor guy, Colman Mockler, who liked the product so much he bought the company and made it into a great, as well as a value-based company.

I know when I listen to my intuition (that still small voice within), I too am guided along the right path.

That voice (and not so small this time) kept saying "buy the company" and share your discovery. So I bought the rights to this catchy little tune. I am trusting in the universe and sharing this method with others who - like me - were never taught how to choose well.

Even if you are now resolved to be "happily" single, just as I was, I hope that this song will touch you in a special way. My relationship is so wonderfully satisfying that every day I am more committed than ever to share my discovery with others who still struggle just like I did.

And, believe me getting to this point of having a functioning, e-commerce website has at times been a struggle, but I had faith in myself and I trusted my intuition. I considered quitting several times, but that voice kept after me. I trust that you will also have faith and trust in yourself … if you find it faltering, borrow my faith that this method works for those who listen and believe.

So keep on listening, and you'll soon see how it works. I think you'll find yourself saying - as I and many others have - "oh, now I see what you mean. Now I get "IT" too.

What you get will blow your mind

Like me, you'll discover your definition of what being in "TRUE LOVE" feels like in your bones, in your cells, in your heart … not just in your hormones.

Once you discover that it is so much more than words on paper, it will blow your mind. And, the most incredible thing is you'll know the secret, that true love feeling, when you meet your soul mate. You'll be able to discern the right one from the wrong one. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!

When I'm in REAL LOVE I will feel like … 

Rainbows  Star shine  Laughter  Kisses in the rain  Angels  Sailboats  Mountains in the sun  Puppies  Popcorn

Things I can't explain... feelings are hard to explain. That's why making a list of characteristics isn't enough to find total true love.

Joy and Inspiration are Infectious

You'll find it absolutely astonishing to know that by finding your true love by the method outlined here, everyone with whom you come into contact will also be touched by your happiness. You'll be adding your positive energy to our struggling world. We need you!

We need your positive happiness to counterbalance the negativity and sadness so many, many people feel today.

Pay close attention to what that still small voice inside of you says as you use the magic of the music to discover the metaphors that will make sense of your love life. As you open your mind and your heart, as you accept the possibility, as you imagine the feeling, and as you expect success, just listen and discover what's there.

Get a free copy of the entire lyrics - and read it. Make up you own lyrics and share them with others. Giving is receiving as they say. Print them out and give them to a friend. Feel good making a positive difference in another person's life.

You WILL feel more attractive

Listen … trust in yourself … and … find REAL LOVE.

You are a person of great love and human possibility. Even if you don't think of yourself as a part of a loving partnership, and even if you've failed before, and even if you think you've tried everything, open your mind … accept the possibility  … as you use this method your heart will open and miracles will happen.

So if you've made a "criteria" list (I did) and it hasn't worked for you, like many, many others, perhaps you're ready right now to turn that list into the internal feelings that you can count on to guide you.

If you're not yet where you want to be in terms of a relationship and your own personal happiness, if you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there.

Discover where you're going … begin with listening to the voice of Total True Love theme song. If you want to change your life, you may just need to listen and discover!

Coach Colleen, March 2004, Seattle, Washington, USA

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